Designed by experts

JOURNEYS is underpinned by a matrix of key skills designed by a team of guitar experts led by Katie Chatburn from the Royal Northern College of Music.

Katie Chatburn PGCE MMus LRAM ARAM is an educator, arranger/composer and music consultant. She is co author of the Royal Northern College of Music Popular Music BMus and has been a Senior Lecturer on the programme for 10 years.

Personalised pathway

All songs are rated in terms of the complexity of the Rhythm, Chords, Melody and Tone. Choose the songs you want to play and our progression algorithm will create you a personalised learning pathway.

Build your skills

The songs are broken down into lessons to manage progression. The lessons focus on mastering guitar skills as you learn the song.

Track your progress

Your dashboard helps to track your progress. See what song you will play next, which songs you've completed, and how your overall skills increase.

Some features are not available on certain browsers and mobile devices. Use the Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop computer to get the full experience.